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Competition breeds innovation. This basic truth has become the foundation of our economy, which explains why Internet advertising is such a booming industry. Your online business has to compete with countless numbers of other websites in order to grab the attention of potential customers. Having an exciting, innovative website is a crucial part of a successful online business, but if your site doesn’t get enough traffic, all that hard work goes to waste. Hundreds of good online businesses fail every month because of this simple fact, but it’s easy to prevent this from happening to your website.

Search engine optimization is used by smart online business owners to make sure their website gets the highest page rankings on Google and other major search engines. By using SEO, you can ensure that your website gets the traffic it needs to gain new customers and prosper in this industry. At SEO Competition Report, our team of experts will provide you a personal SEO analysis report, and use our findings to optimize your websites page ranking and visibility. We do the work to make sure your page lands near the top of all relevant search results, putting you in the ideal spot to receive as many hits as possible.

More hits equals more customers, it’s as simple as that.

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Professional SEO services include

  • SEO Competition Analysis

    We analyze every aspect of your website, and devise a customized SEO plan that will get you the page ranking you need and put you ahead of the competition.

  • Optimization Expertise

    Our team has years of experience and knows exactly how to raise your page ranking, and how to avoid making the costly mistakes that could get your website penalized.

  • Affordable Pricing

    You don’t need to break the bank to get professional SEO; we offer a variety of affordable solutions - for any budget.

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Client Testimonials

Happy with my results

" As an independent contractor, my online presence is important to my business. I needed to get my clients but couldn’t afford to buy ad space. After consulting with SEO Competition Report, I learned that my placement in Google search results is all the advertising I need. Even better, I could afford it! They did all the work for me, and now I’m getting more work than I can even take on! I might have to start hiring people. This is more than I ever expected, thanks guys! "

Nelson Q., Contractor

Good for business

" I thought all I needed to run a hotel was great service and good prices. I buy a few ads here and there when I can afford it, but my rooms really weren’t filling up how I had hoped. SEO Competition Report showed me all the ways I could improve my website to get high search result ranking, and then they did it. It was cheaper than I expected, and I’m pleased to say I’m operating at full capacity on a regular basis. It’s a dream come true. "

Lorance C., Hotel Owner

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